Millbridge Group LLC is an American private company, which is engaged in direct and portfolio investments in agro-industrial sector and food production companies, headquartered in New York.

Millbridge Group LLC affiliated with Bobalew Ventures was founded in order to effectively invest in growing companies specialized in wholesale purchases, storage and processing of grain and oil crops, food production as well as export of grain and its derivative products, to unlock their full potential.

Our company organizes the work with the management and shareholders of such companies creating new development strategies that lead to the economic success of the enterprise, and at the same time draws fresh faces in the management process - experienced entrepreneurs and executives, who have the necessary experience in a particular area, and who have been successful previously as strategic advisors. Thus, we create truly unique and convincing valuable proposals.

In recent decades, owing to the efforts of our experts, with whom we cooperate, in all more than $500 million were invested in a variety of industrial facilities all over the world.

Millbridge Group LLC makes the best use of the experience, relationship and capital in order to optimize the success of investments for the benefit of all stakeholders: clients, employees, management and investors.


We make joint financial and intellectual efforts to identify and properly use the opportunities that will extend the boundaries and profitability of business, to offer new strategies, introduce modern technologies, open new markets, launch new products, make advantageous acquisitions.

As known, competition is inherent in any effective business, but competition is becoming increasingly fierce year by year, and it becomes more difficult to stay afloat. At such moments we come to the aid.

Today, corporate and industry standards hinder entrepreneurs from going beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking. To overcome this inertia, you have to be an outstanding businessman, a non-indifferent manager and experimenter.


As part of its global strategy Millbridge Group LLC has identified the Ukrainian market as the priority in the following areas: sunflower seeds processing, mayonnaise and baked goods production. The critical goal is to develop business in these areas, expand the assortment, introduce new technologies, upgrade production facilities in a short space of time, to maintain leadership within the market in terms of sales of bread, vegetable oil, mayonnaise and other food products.

Financing of the reconstruction of Slaviansk Oil and Fat Plant destroyed during the military operation in 2014 in the city of Slaviansk (Donetsk region) became the key event in the operation of Millbridge Group LLC on the Ukrainian market. The total amount of cash investments in the reconstruction of this industrial facility on the basis of the investment agreement amounted to 20 mln. Euro since 2014.

In consequence of this event Millbridge Group LLC acquired 75% stake from the company Lauffer Group, a part of which Slaviansk Oil and Fat Plant was.

This acquisition allowed to create an attractive portfolio, that includes the popular trademarks previously owned by Lauffer Group: “Slavolia”, “Urojay”, “Smachno Zharim”, “Gold”, “Bulkin”, “Saltovskii”, “Toptyga”, which is a risk reduction factor on its own.

Being aware of the fact that today Ukraine is a high-risk market, we are ready to demonstrate the firm intention to develop business in Ukraine and achieve high performance results of our activities.

As a member of the board of the company “Millbridge Group Ukraine” Steven Polyak put it: “According to our plan, this project was intended to be the most attractive investment in the region, the special landmark that it is possible to make effective investments in Ukraine and obtain the result”.

Steven Polyak supervising the work in the region is a top-ranked specialist with high experience in marketing, logistics and strategic planning for US companies.

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